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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

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It is well-known that nowadays more and more small and medium enterprises take part in the B2B platform. But do you know why they choose B2B platform? What does the platform bring to them? How do they choose a suitable one? What are the problems when choosing B2B platform? That's the point I want to talk about today.
Why do the small and medium enterprises choose B2B platform? What are the benefits?
The e-commerce not only brings many new opportunities and challenges to the small and medium enterprises, but also solves many difficulties and problems for them. Since the growing importance of information competition, small and medium enterprises can compete against the large enterprises through B2B platform.
One is lack of planning. Many small and medium enterprises only pay attention to the short-term benefits. It is wrong. It should have a specific process, such as collecting and releasing the information, establishing the information platform and completing the supply chain management system etc.
The other is not to select the B2B platform blindly. Some small and medium enterprises only pursuit for the reputation of the B2B website without combining their actual development situation. There probably be some problems. It is likely that the reputed B2B platform already has had many members of your industry and dozens of pages of products. Given that you were a customer, will you click all the pages even tens of pages? Therefore, you can get nothing from the B2B platform where there are excessive suppliers and you can't list your products in the first several pages.
In consumer marketing, your target is an individual. In B2B marketing, you could be targeting any number of people along the decision-making chain, some of whom may not even be located in the same country as you! It is always useful to find out who is the 'real' decision maker. Is the purchasing or sourcing manager as important as the business-planning manager or the chief financial officer? In some companies, the human resources manager commissions services that have traditionally been the mandate of the office manager and vice versa.
Every one of your employees that comes in contact with your customer is your "brand", whether you are selling multi-million dollar commercial warehouses or consultancy services. So it is crucial that your walking-talking brand ambassadors believe in your corporate values and what you are selling. Get your agency to give them customer-centric brand messages and sales tools to use, and ensure they are trained to make each customer feel as if they are the most important customer ever.
Validating and even quantifying one's value proposition is crucial for any B2B company. Unlike B2C marketing, it is always about appealing to the head, and not to the heart (or eyes or ears, for that matter). Your B2B marketing agency should help you answer tough customer questions such as, "Tell me why I should choose your company over your competitor? What value can you add to my bottom line or business plans? How much do you understand about my company's needs? How will your products or services help our company get ahead?"
B2B customers don't automatically turn on the television when they want to find a supplier. Often, one of the first sources of information they turn to is a search engine. Increasingly, B2B marketing is very much about Internet marketing and helping to raise a company's profile and search engine rankings. The Internet instantly makes your competitive pool global. A company in India could offer business secretarial services that are almost identical to yours, only cheaper.
A token of customer appreciation worth 200 US dollars to someone who just signed a multi-million dollar contract may seem trivial in comparison, but it may be hastily returned if the customer's corporate policy limits 'lavish' gifts beyond say, 100 US dollars. Don't risk embarrassing your customers by forgetting to do a bit of discreet checking first.
What I have listed are just some important aspects of B2B marketing. Ultimately, it really helps to work with a B2B marketing agency that understands your B2B decision makers, decision influences, business needs, stakeholders, sources of information and available channels, and that is also able to add a good dose of creative thinking!
I began to forge new relationships with the help of the B2B sales experience. You may be asking "what is B2B sales experience?" Business 2 Business sales is a systematic program generating targeted leads that convert at a very high rate. My prospective clients were becoming clients at a rate of over 40%! These efforts saved my business and better served my clients overall. Allow me to share these effective techniques of obtaining more leads for anything that you may be promoting:
Many people join professional trade associations for usage of current industry information. Another important membership attraction is undoubtedly an association's buying power for value-added deals on product or service that benefit its membership. This type of arrangement can lead to power lead generation. Arrange an appointment with the Membership Director to discuss ways your product or service can be of use to the overall membership.
A Business to Business (B2B) marketplace is an Internet marketplace where exporters, importers, traders, traders, brokers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other business communities from around the world meet for buying and selling. From meeting the customer to fixing the deals along with the payment is held online with no physical interaction. This is the biggest advantage of a B2B marketplace. So a B2B marketplace is a place where B2B trade is carried on. Visit our Home page to have a look at such a marketplace.
B2B trade includes posting an offer (trade offer) by company to find buyers for their products. This trade offer includes the details of products that a company is offering and is posted. Then an interested buyer replies to this offer and the online B2B trade is completed with payment from the buyer and delivery of the product from the selling company.
B2B Lead Generation is any process used by a business to collect a group of new business' names and addresses to offer their services or products at. All those moments when a business asks for an email address in return for a white paper or guide to add to their mailing lists are moments when leads are being generated.
A B2B lead generation drive serves to enlarge existing databases of contacts, so that marketing drives can be expanded to include businesses that are not already part of an existing customer base. As customers can only realistically spend so much on one particular service or product for any expansion to occur